Sithonia beaches, the best of Halkidiki

Sithonia is a destination of growing popularity. It may not have the cosmopolitan character of the opposite peninsula of Kassandra, however it does offers numerous opportunities for outdoor activities and entertainment.

Sithonia beaches, discover them!


A sandy beach in a stunning natural environment about 15km from Nikiti and one of the most famous Sithonia beaches.

A pine tree forest reaches the sea and offers its shadow and breeze to the visitors. The beach is easily accessible by car. There are activities of water sports and due to its excellent facilities it gains a blue flag every year.


A beautiful and popular beach just 5km south of Nikiti.

It is famous for its white sand and the off-shore rocky little island which is ideal for diving. There is a beach bar in the north part of the beach which offers umbrellas and sun-beds. It has easy access from the main road however, parking is difficult during peak hours.


A relaxing little bay with warm turquoise water surrounded by rocks and pine trees.

It is probably the most beautiful beach near Nikiti and one of the most beautiful Sithonia beaches. The sand is thin and its broad front makes it suitable for long periods of sunbathing. The rocky shore before and after the bay is ideal for exploring the seabed.


A long exotic beach contrasts the rocky natural environment of south Sithonia.

This spacious and beautiful beach is located near Toponi, about 40km from Nikiti. It offers every facility you may need and it is suitable for people of all ages. The bar “Ethnic” that overlooks the beach from its northern end is a must visit, especially during sunset.


It may be hard to access, but it rewards the visitor with its stunning natural environment and the crystal clear waters. A real gem among Sithonia beaches!

It is not a single beach but rather a series of little bays along a rocky shore with the forest climbing down to the sea. Some bays are only accessible by sea. There are not many facilities and the place is very popular among free campers.


A wonderful combination of little lagoon-like bays, rocky coastline and a chain of off-shore islands contribute to a truly tropical experience.

Vourvourou, just 11 km from Nikiti was one of the first popular destinations in Sithonia. Karydi, with its famous white cliffs is the most well known beach in the area. Visit also the Livari lagoon and the island of Diaporos, the biggest of Vourvourou islands.