Nikiti sightseeing and places to go

Nikiti is at the center of Halkidiki geographical area. So it is an ideal base for excursions and short trips. Nikiti itself has has a rich history and traces of its historical past are here for you to discover.

Nikiti old village

It is well hidden between two hills. There are several buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, most of them restored and now inhabited. All the surviving buildings are made of stone and wood. Stone was a major building material in Macedonia during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Specialised craftsmen, notably from Epirus, were travelling the whole area building stone houses.

The church of St. Nikitas

Dated from 1870, it is one of the oldest buildings in Nikiti. It was built upon the ruins of an old Ottoman tower. It was burned during the civil war in 1946-49 and then restored. It is interesting that Nikitas, a saint of gothic origin, did not give his name to Nikiti. It rather happened the opposite way: people choose Nikitas as their saint protector due to the name of their town.

Sofronios Basilica

An ancient church of early Christian times connects Nikiti with its roman past. The excavation revealed significant findings, notably a floor mosaic and an opus sectile both of exceptional art. However, since the site is in a restoration phase it is not yet fully accessible to the public.

Places to go & things to do in Sithonia

Enjoy the view from Parthenonas

A traditional village just 20 minutes from Nikiti, with a long history dated back to the Byzantine 10th century or even earlier to the Roman city of Parthenopolis.

The inhabitants were forced to abandon their homes at early seventies and move to nearby Neos Marmaras. This was due to a ridiculous plan of the military government of that time, aiming to eliminate small communities in favour of bigger towns. However, this helped the place to retain its character and special architecture. Nowadays after hard efforts, many buildings have been restored and the place is a first class destination.

Cruise around Athos

Mt. Athos is a major monastic center unique in its kind for over 1000 years. However, it is not accessible to everyone as only men are allowed to enter.

By taking the boat from the little port of Ormos Panagias about 11km from Nikiti you may cruise around Athos and admire from a comfortable distance of 500m the most important monasteries.

Porto Carras

This is not just another luxury hotel. It is part of the living history of Sithonia.

Build in early seventies literally in the middle of nowhere, it transformed a previously insignificant and poor area and made it known to the international jet set. It has its place to the modern political history of Greece as the favourite golf course of one of the most influential politicians, as the location of a European summit in 2003, where the first draft of the European Constitution was presented, and as the centre of a major political scandal just before the general elections in 2004.

Explore Mt. Itamos

Most of Sithonia is basically a mountain above the sea. It is called Itamos and offers excellent outdoor activities opportunities.

The place is not very well known to visitors who normally enjoy the beaches below. However, it is easily accessible on foot, by cycle or by 4X4 car. The whole area is a protected reserve with significant flora and fauna. While exploring the mountain you may admire breathtaking views of the Aegean and the formidable Mt. Athos.

Cassandra peninsula

The first leg of Halkidiki is famous for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, the grand resorts and the Sani Festival. It is about 30 minutes from Nikiti.

Apart from the beaches and the vivid night life, you should visit Afitos, a place inhabited since the ancient period, and enjoy a walk in the traditional settlement which has been totally restored. Other archaeological sites are the remains of Zeus temple in Kallithea the Byzantine tower in Nea Fokea and the tower of Sani hill where an open festival is organised every year. Potidea, the entrance to the peninsula is 42km from Nikiti.


This is the doorstep of Athos, the last secular place before the monastic state.

If you want to visit Athos, you have necessarily to go to Ouranoupoli around 70km from Nikiti. From its little port, there are daily connections to the monasteries. The little town is dominated by the Byzantine tower of the 14th century, the biggest of its kind in Halkidiki. Just before Ouranoupoli, in Tripiti, you may take the small ferry to Ammouliani, the only inhabited island of Halkidiki.

Petralona cave

A cave bejewelled with spectacular stalagmites and stalactites, a true monument of nature.

The cave is about 50km from Nikiti and it is also known for the discovery of a prehistoric human skull that is believed to be one of the oldest of its kind in Europe. Adjacent to the cave, there is an Anthropological Museum where thousands of fossils and other findings are exhibited.

Halkidiki forests

Although famous for the sun and beaches, Halkidiki is mainly a mountainous area with lot of forest cover.

So if you want to enrich your holiday experience with a mountain flavour, you should visit Holomontas the main mountain of Halkidiki. The rare beauty of a mostly untouched landscape is highlighted through a network of walking routes and carefully chosen stops. There are several picturesque villages in the area, among them Polygiros, the administrative capital of Halkidiki, Arnea, Taxiarchis and Stageira ,the hometown of the great philosopher Aristotle.