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Beaches and other Nikiti photos

Photos of wonderful beaches and other places you should visit in Nikiti.
A collection of Nikiti photos showing wonderful beaches and other places you should visit around.

Nikiti is best known for the sandy beaches. However there are other attractions, like the traditional old village and the ancient Sofronios Basilica. Nikiti awaits you to explore it. Have a look at the Nikiti photos below.

Sithonia Beaches Photos

Sithonia, the second leg of Halkidiki is a mountainous peninsula which offers a breathtaking landscape to the visitor.

The rocky shores reveal paradise bays with sandy beaches. On the other hand, where the shore is less abrupt, there are surprisingly long beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters. The map on the right indicates the most well known beaches in Sithonia. The photos below, show some of them.